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This will be my alt account. I will have more professional songs here. Also, I want to start a label and make money.

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@Lil Reaper

@PhoenixStudios (SR)

@Luminoux (丂尺)


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  • Hi!

    I'm doing a Listening Party on Bandcamp 7pm tonight for my new release 'The 7Day EP'

    (That's 5 hours from posting this)

    You can check it here first, see if you like it:

    The 7Day EP (Demos)

    You're welcome to join if you'd like to listen and chat to people at the same time!

    Thank you for reading if you did and apologies for the spam.

    (Follow if you like):

  • Comment on this you want to become part of my label

    • I'm down

    • I'm definitely down, though I have no songs as of yet to add to the label I'll be sure to let you know.

    • thx for da follow and puttin me on your wall

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  • Thank you for the follow! <3

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  • done

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  • :)

  • hello alt