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na2 is the creator and "tinkerer" of various works, including the LP "Cabinet of Curiosities", the EP "Funeral Services For ...." and the James Taylor remix EP "JT Remixed" (all the above is available here and at other places...). Past works include the CDs "Metropolitan" and "You're Soaking In It". na2 has also performed with the now-defunct garage band Murmur.
SoundCloud Links:
"Cabinet of Curiosities" LP:
@Soundcloud .com/n-a-2-n-a-2
"Funeral Services For ...." EP and more:
@Soundcloud .com/more-na2
James Taylor remix EP "JT Remixed":
@Soundcloud .com/mo-na2
Various tracks:
@Soundcloud .com/noel-ambery-ii
@Soundcloud .com/nananana2
@Soundcloud .com/na2na2na2na2
YouTube (Fan) Videos:
"Cowbane (Nathan Barr) [na2 Out-to-Pasture OverClocked Opus]":
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"Hemlock Grove Groove (Nathan Barr) [na2 Gone To the Dogs Git-On-Up]":
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