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I am 14 and I'm trying to get into the music industry it's a longshot, but its my dream. Check out all my tracks and I could use all the support possible. Thanks!

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  • Whats up, do you use FL Studio

  • MY MAN! The more I listen the more I wanna collab! Don't leave me hangin dude

  • Mate. This is EXCELLENT STUFF! most 14 yos have got basics down.... your ability to KEEP SHIT IN KEY is 2nd to none for your age. If your serious about ''getting in'' lol - I might have some knowledge to share... collab with me first tho I wanna see if you can throw down with others... and how much patience you got :)

  • p.s. lovin the pic. *Music Inspires

  • yea, I would still love to do a collab, pick a time, I will try to be there. (sry for the late reply)

  • @[offbeatninja123] thx!! it means a lot to me!!

  • Nice tunes man , my only advice is to experiment with sounds , other than that good job !!! :D


  • haha you got it man!!

  • Thanks buddy, i honestly tried to direct some trafic to your profile, for ppl to see what you've made. Thats why i might've been a little irritated. Let's evolve though music :)

  • Don't make it public or remixable, change the license. if u don't want anyone to do anything to your song.

  • Okay man its cool but im making an album and that was going to be on it so could you just check with me 1st next time? and thx

  • The melody is the same (samples), but the overall sound is different. I remixed it and it's possible for everyone to see.

  • Hey, i liked your arrangement, i improved and emphasized the things i liked. The samples are public, anyone can use them. You got credit in the description and to the right as a remix.