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  • The new single is out---------->

    Check it out

  • Haha, I dunno man, we stopped work on this quite a while ago... hopefully we will start it up again at some point, but there probably won't be any tracks in the immediate future, unfortunately.

  • looks like you weren't joking about that lol. when will this be finished?

  • during the holidays LMAO jaradodo

  • I hope so XD

  • @Esque (Transmorphics) hehe thanks :) @Osmium, yeah, we started some glitch hop about a month ago but we've since moved on a dnb draft. I'm sure we'll have something out during the holidays though ;)

  • started this track a month ago...

    omg excitement :)

  • Either very late August or very early September

  • lol nice logo

  • Nah, it's just my summer holiday starts later than yours, I think. I've got six weeks off starting on the 20th. When do you go back? :)

  • Are you in school for all year with extended breaks?

  • Ahh, you're making me jealous :D

  • I've been off for 4 weeks now I think

  • Yup, for another 2 weeks.

  • School?!?