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Hello, I'm Jack, and I'm an aspiring electronic musician. You may allready know me by my old account, Klutch. But now, I'm taking a step forward and taking my music in Audiotool further than ever.
2013 UPDATE - Back from holidays, more music and a collab with Headhunter :)
Basically, I've gotten more loops that I have created using other programs, but the reason I use Audiotool is beacuse I can get more coverage with my music and I can also work with other cool stuff using the app. Therefore, my old account "Klutch", will never be useed again (Probably)
I have a massive list of favorite musicians but my top favorites would have to be Datsik, Deadmau5 and Porter Robinson along with the obvious others. If you would like to know my favorite artists on Audiotool you can just look at who I'm following :)
Lasty, the new EP "Noise Control" is complete. I just need some remixes so if you could remix any of my songs that'd be great and also if anyone wants a logo just post on my wall and I'll design one for you :)
Sektor, over and out.

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