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BRAND NEW TO MUSIC PRODUCTION AND DJ'NG. TRYING TO LEARN BOTH DAY IN AND OUT ALL BY MYSELF. SOME OF MY FAVORITE ARTISTS ARE: CHARLIE DARKER, Fukkk OFFF, SKRILLEX, FEED ME, DIRTY LOUD, CYBERPUNKERS , BOMBS AWAY to name a few of the current selections. I started out getting involved in Electronic Music back in 1995 when I moved from NY to NH and Began going to a weekly party called OPERATION BOOM. Once I turned 18 I moved back and forth from New England and NY getting a chance to be part of the biggest clubs in history from the original sound factory to Pacha in NY. over 200 electronic music events in the east coast alone. Some were small production underground raves to bigger Parties throughout the country. I'm moving from the promotion side to the production side finally. This has been my dream for A VERY LONG TIME and ONLY because my lovely soon to be X-WIFE is such an epic individual have I gotten this last chance to make this my life. Ive been around record studio's my whole life and I still have no idea what I'm doing....but I give A FLYING FU&%$ I'm gonna give it ALL I GOT DAY IN AND DAY OUT UNTILL EVERYONE knows who I AM or DIE TRYING because if there is simply one thing I know about life is if your not doing what makes you happy, than your wasting the gift that is LIFE in the first place. Anyone who can help me learn and guide me I would be really appreciative. Peace out yo

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