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We have released two albums and an EP and are looking forward to releasing more. We are open to any collaborations and would like to feature some collaborations on our new album. For details email us at Nyori_nyori @yahoo .com.


The New Religion (feat. ATHeat)

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  • would love to fam

  • Thank you @Scevity

  • I Like The Name

  • I accepted the draft and worked on it a little.

  • I'm in for a collab. Let me know what you want and I will give it a go.

  • Im sorry to say im not a vocalist at all. But I will definitely help with a collab as much as possible if you would like. Thank you for the follow!

    : D

  • nyori i listen to your music and i think to myself? your only follwing one guy... "Moi" And you are only being follwed by one person. Moi. I think to myself. Your music is completly underated or just un heard of . Whoever sees this comment in the homepage....dont ignore it...listen to some of here music:) shes gots so good stuff. plus. FOLLOW HER! i hate.....repeat. hate it when people dont recognize talent:) jus sayin.

  • yes!! i am. and you?

  • Lol, thank you! :)

  • you didnt have any followers:) now you do:)