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    fauko about 6 years ago

    Hey man - I have never attempted a remix - probably still a little way off from it, but you should advertise on thewall ( @Big Brother ) for it. Decent visibility there :)

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    Overdose about 6 years ago

    Hey everyone, if you could, would you upload a public oneshot of a streetfighter character? I'm making a song from them and all I have is Ryu's "Hadouken" so far. Also, it can be a different word/phrase for the same character, like, I would be happy if someone could upload Ryu's "Shuiouken" (Or whatever he screams when he does the uppercut.) And maybe, if someone could upload a "Kame-hame-ha," "Special Beam Cannon," "Solar Flare," etc., I will make one of Dragon Ball Z