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you might be wondering what this account is for...
i got to the point where i was checking audiotool notifications every 20 minutes during work, so no comments, no notifications. at all. i didn't even notice edge of the world hit 60 favorites because i cleared every notification as soon as i saw it
second, and most importantly,
almost every ep/lp/album i have started within the last year or two or five has HAD to have several themes going through it or i wasnt satisfied.
dreamer HAD to have vocals on every track, and each one HAD to be experimental.
fault lines HAD to be my best mixing/mastering work, and some tracks were supposed to have vocals, namely smokescreen and paradise.
force of nature (unfinished) had to be an electro ep, ran out of ideas, never got finished.
get2work ep (unfinished) had to be a trap ep, lost interest, never got finished.
time ep (unfinished) was an exploration into chiller stuff since at the time i was mainly doing bass music
freefall ep triggered my first ever burnout after spending months on breaking point's mix alone
visions was supposed to be my 16-track debut album, but after a year of poking at the tracks and not working on them, i put almost all of them in the garbage and put out the lost tracks ep instead.
i've been biting off more than i could hope to finish by myself, and as a result, started putting out several mediocre eps instead of fully finished singles, just so i could lump things together into an arbitrary playlist. clockmouth is one of my best performing things ever, and it was thrown together in a weekend. i've forgotten how to just let the ideas flow.
hopefully through this project i can learn to love music production again.
everything i'm a part of on this site is here - @GSPIN HUB

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