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- Psycho Activity -
is his project as trance musician,
deejay and composer from Munich (Germany).
- this experience was starting in the year 2011.
Its psychedelic music to rock your body and your soul.
he is the founder of DeCoOrdiNation Records (Est. 2011) and
works together with Patrick - Spirit Molecule to managing our label and the events.
In our fusion we build up always better and growing .
Also I have a second project is working together with Patrick - Spirit Molecule as Psychos and Molecules.
- is a psychedelic Music-Label with base in Munich (Germany).
Our Energy works on a extended project of a never ending story. This experience was created end of the year 2011.
The begin of this Psychedelic Music-Label and the extended combination with a Event-Organizer came from Energy of his passion about the never ending walk of psychedelic music and culture. Decoordination is creation a own crazy performing and the good clear creativity for special projects. We works together like a family and that is what we are. In this fusion the Label will growing. Because this is the work of our passion.
We live and relax at this culture and our love stay for the psychedelic music.
!! Stay tuned !!

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