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Thank you everyone who showed support.
Thank you to the whole community.
Please hit "more"!
It has been many years since I used this website, but having just stumbled upon it again I remembered how wonderful this place was.
I may be in a completely different place musically now to where I was when using this site, but Audiotool was certainly a hugely important part of my learning curve. This community gave me the confidence I needed to create music :)
I started here when I was 12/13, it was the first DAW I ever used. I am now nearly 23.
I can happily say I am now a released artist under the alias "Midnight Groove" (Link below) the sound differs rather a lot from what is found here... all those years is a lot of time to refine your sound! (No more loops or badly mixed tracks lol)
I am just so grateful for the support people showed for the very first tracks I ever made...
I am so happy this site is still here.
Thank you to the Audiotool team for kickstarting my musical journey, you guys are fucking awesome.
All the best,
"Dirk Smirk"
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