Sanctum Endorcement

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Looking for help? Are you under appreciated? We have the answer!

Sanctum Endorcement is a good influence group started by @proxima(desc if you care) and @RedRayz , to help the under appreciated artists get noticed! If you "sign" with us, we will schedule virtual concerts for you, list your name below, AND we will re post your music here and on soundcloud for everyone to see!

Interested in signing?

-Email RedRayz at RedRayzMusic @GMAIL .com

-Leave a message on our wall

-PLEASE NOTE : we don't except all applications! Sorry!

================Concert of The Week =============================================

Parallax's first concert - Saturday June 29, 2 PM EST on

FullDelay's first concert Friday June 28, 2 PM EST on


Owners :

@proxima(desc if you care)


Members :


@big moist


@Nebula X

@Full Delay

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  • yo i need to leave this im not under appreciated im under rated you have it mistaken.

  • interesting I'm thinking of signing the only problem is that my adobe flash not working with App AudioTool: (

  • hey can i join this group its f*cking awesome

  • hi guys

  • can i join bro's?

  • I might pull out of here I feel myself getting better and better, and I would would like to call my work my own from now on

  • sorry guys, but I'm not interested in getting signed, and I don't really have enough followers to make any real difference to your publicity

  • This is actually a really neat idea. You guys should try talking to some of the bigger names around here to see if they'll get you some publicity. The point IS recognition, right?

  • So, how does this work exactly?

  • Can I join?

  • can i sign? :)

  • Could I join? it seems like a good idea but idk if im underapreciated.. if you meant the message on my wall as 'can u join?', the answer is yes.