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Ima 21 year old transdude. Grown up, born & raised in Canada; more specifically Newfoundland. Always had a interest in 'trying' to write, make and sing music. It is a passion, as well as a life style. Music helps move you, mold you. Music can make you feel like laughing and dancing, then make you feel sad, or invincible even. Their some songs that help move you, make you feel not so alone when you are at your worst, make you want to scream f**k you to your haters/bullies/abusers.

My music: Hoping to help make a difference. I want to write about the REAL sh*t in life as well as make music to help you in any situation: upset, depressed, angry, suicidal, disorders, moods, real life problems no one touches on, etc. Help me out by giving my music a listen.

Thank you everyone. Be your best YOU that you can possibly be. Never let anyone get in your way of being happy! One love to all.

LGBTQA+ friendly, so no HATE just LOVE. 420 friendly, so no hating on that poor good herb that gets too much disrespect, ya feel?

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