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I love making cool techno/skrillex type of music.
I think my best tracks so far are: StartUp Demo & Smooth Ave.
My worst track is Finish Him! - Has very poor transitioning...
Anyway, this is my first series so feel free to say that I suck.
Otherewise, if you enjoy 'em, then leave a favorite or follow me!
Youtube channel is: (link is only visible to registered users)
Funniest track of the week: + ZOMBIE METAL + by
JosiahStudios --- Click here for quick link: + ZOMBIE METAL +
Any animation editors you would like to tell me? Please do on my wall.
I use "FotoFlexer" for my photos. So go check it out, it's pretty usefull and free!
10000 Plays on one track
50 Favorites on 1 track
And people that love music right on meh wall!
Next Albums: SevineX- Alagaësia, SevineX- *Techno*, SevineX- Hypnotic.
More sweet music on the way!
Any copyright complaints? - Tell me on my wall and I'll delete the tack.
Thanks guys, cya!

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