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I'm seventeen year old guy in my third year in high school (my name is Donovan) who loves pretty much any music,cooking,shooting bows and guns,look forward to game design college,Culinary School,and music production and other colleges for making music, hiking,fishing,golfing,football,gaming and chilling with friends,I love to draw,I hope you like what I make and tell me if there is something i can do better on.Feel free to ask me anything and I mean anything whether it's personal or not.I love to get to know people.I am a lot of different races such as Scottish,Scandinavian and some others.
I have had a bunch of good friends and family friends that have committed suicide.I My mom's about to get out of prison for some reasons I will not tell.
My favorite Scottish phrase is "Friend ship is like pissing your pants everybody can see it but only you feel the warmth."
My favorite Cowboy saying is "The past is a guide not a hitching post."
BTW I won't always be able to answer back all the time
You can contact me at ShatteredWorlock1 @GMAIL .com
Here's a friend of mine his name is Josiah and here's a link to his profile @josiah_moon
This is my old profile check it out @ShatteredWorlock
If you want some of your music advertised a little once I get some good programs i could use help for my YouTube channel it's started but no vids. Yet.
Also thank you all who are and will be following me and one and only one "bragging right" i have is completting and graduatting the Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy. Also contact me on FaceBook heres the link to my Profile below:
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Also I have a wonderful girlfriend named Emily I think she's perfect for me if you follow me on FB you mite see some pictures of us.
Thanks for reading

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