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I'm a 15 year old also thank you for 100 followers :-)
Audiotool's my home and i will always love making beats!! Tell me if you want to collab i'm always ready to work with you!! And if you need help learning i will gladly teach you.
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Shoutout to all the people worked with me also shoutout to @(MG45 GANG™️) for being the 100th follower
×JuugKorp× we make plugg beats and were good at it too.
JuugKorp makes several monthly samples for you to use. Be sure to give credit where it is due.
If you are interested in joining JuugKorp, comment so on DXM!'s wall.
I'm also going to make drumkits and ill also publish them for anyone who likes my drum patterns :-) if you use any of my drumkits its royalty free so don't worry xd jus remember to give me a shoutout @×JuugKorp× YGM THE GREAT

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