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Hi! I'm Spitter, an Argentinian girl who loves so many genres of EDM (Even bass music such as Dubstep) and sometimes I listen to Rock (Alternative, Heavy Metal), Pop, Indie, SYnthwave, Phonk and more. I'm currently 21 but my birthday is on September 17th.

Some curious facts from me:

- Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Rising Sagittarius

- I used Reaper and LMMS in the Past but i quit producing in those DAWS since I was running out of Space Disk.

- I have a Potato PC but I wish I could buy a better computer to produce music and make some livestreams on Twitch [I wanna make EDM and Urban Music such as Cumbia/Reggaetón/Pop and Brazilian funk]

- I currently understand around 4-5 languages but I speak only 3. My first language is Argentinian Spanish, the second one is English and the third is Brazilian Portuguese, but sometimes I'm too nervous to make mistakes in these languages, so you may hear me spelling some words wrong as usual.

- I love some Argentinian food but I prefer other country foods such as Hispanic, Brazilian, Italian, German and more. I apologize for this but I really dislike "Argentinian Barbecue and Mate".

- My oldest dream was to learn how to sing [but I stopped thinking about it since my voice is terrible].

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