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Hello audiotool friends and fans. I love this site. I have lots to learn as far as producing goes and utilizing effects, however I have found people to be helpful when I have asked. I have a good understanding of basic theory and played in a band for sometime. I am completely new however to most of what I have been using audiotool to do and would appreciate any and all advice. I like aphex twin and venetian snares stuff that kind of encapsulates the essence of a crowd. I need to learn and understand many effects I dont yet know how to utilize properly. I have watched and read most of what is available on this site but still have yet to produce much that I like. I love where electronic music has came and think this is where one person has limitless boundries. Please friend me and be patient offer any advice I will be more then greatful to accept and help whenever I can. thanks for those who have and are supporting me. Some of you guys have helped me and I am a fan of your tracks there is some really great artist I have been able to converse with. YOu guys are truly inspirationAL

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