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I'm a 16 years old music producer, from Canada.
I do ''Big Room''.
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My dream? since the very first time i've listened to house music, I knew I wanted to become a DJ and make people dance & have fun, at music festivals & all.
I got my own DJ setup at my house & my room is like my own studio. I'll start to MIX with my Numark soon.
I produce with FL Studio 10.
My biggest inspirations are Visionaire (he makes awesome melodies), Julian Jordan (he's the living proof that a teenager can become a known DJ), Deorro (He's a «Dirty Dutch» beast, and I respect that style a lot) & Helion (His track ''Lost In Matter'' introduced me to EDM).
Sometime I dream of being in front of a crowd, Djing, and making people happy with my productions and my sets, but it remains a dream and we must work a lot to realize it, «work» is not even the good word, it's higher than this.
I have always been a person who love music, when I was a baby in a cradle, my parents played Andrea Bocelli on a radio and I was happy, during all my youth my favorite genre of music was « Metal, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, Melodic Metal, Viking Metal.. etc » this is in the beginning of my teenage time that I discovered EDM. The first EDM tracks that I liked and introduced me to EDM were « Helion - Lost In Space, Protoxic & Alfida - Lost In Time (Thomas Shore's 'Arpege' Late Night Mix) and Avalona - Love Can Move A Mountain (Tim Catrall Remix) ». This is where everything started.
And Now?
I produce ''Big Room'' and my biggest dream is to get this as a career.

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