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hey guys im swyaoo! i make podcasts and music!
i am a viv'em flor and i live in the Cohdir Kingdom! :)
i speak FLOR. humans won't understand so if you're human, keep quiet and DO NOT TELL OTHER HUMANS ABOUT THIS.

Viv'em flores have recently discovered the internet and for the past few months we started using some human websites to talk to each other. unfortunately, when humans found out about us they started banning us from their website because they did not understand us.
because we didn't know how to write we learned how to write in english, but we do only speak FLOR.
audiotool seems like a cool website with not a lot of humans so i migrated here and called some of my friends (jo, anni and sasilia) DO NOT BE MEAN TO THEM.
hopefully other viv'em flores migrate here too...

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