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    zanate about 5 years ago

    How to export samples from audiotool..(for exm im working in heinsiberg some midi paterns and i want to export them in wave because of cpu memory)

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    Uprising about 6 years ago

    There are several ways to make samples one is record your sample using recording software like audacity

    the other is to make it with an outside program like massive and export to wave file

    third is to bounce a Sample you make using audio tool

    To do that one all you need to do is create your sound in the time line

    select the blocks ( Sounds ) in the time line that you want to Sample

    loop them

    Mute all other sounds that you don't want sampled

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    Uprising about 6 years ago

    Hit file

    Hit Import sample

    A windo will pop up

    From this window you can either Click bounce witch will record the Loop you have selected from your time line

    Or you can Click insert sample ( i think its called ) or your file then find your wave file you pre recorded or made in another program and just follow the directions after that

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    sKruhmpshus about 6 years ago

    im not good giving advice lol...u need help with using something?..i would suggest either trying to use the beatbox 9 or8...or just using a sample beat...trying messing around with the pulverisatouer or however u spell that...just twist knobs and stuff..not that hard to get cool sounds out of and then u can put it through efrect pedals...just ,mess around..try to keep a continous sound basis through out the whole track so its not all over the place...continous beat and bassline

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    DJSyn about 6 years ago

    I will check out your music..but I dont follow for a follow..Im sorry, i follow if i truely care about the artists music, if its good, ill follow =) and if you care for mine, then do follow.