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I am an artist that is not looking to earn a fortune, just to be recognized and respected and to do what I love: making music. I always had an interest with music and I got started when a friend, Luxtor (visit his channel!) told me about it. Now I am in and love it. I hope you like my art!
Remix of Stare at the Sun in the works! However, due to the complexity of this piece, it may take me a long time (1-2 Months).
SOHO (Not the place in New York) released!
The start of a new album: Into the Unknown!
Voyager 2 released!
Come on lets push to 1000 plays!
Thanks to a tip I edited my song. Remember: I am open to advice, so feel free to tell me if there is something you would like changed or anything to be added in!
Bandcamp: Visit (link is only visible to registered users) for downloads!
Facebook: (link is only visible to registered users) is my page!

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