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All For The Music... Just Spreading The Vibe !
Edgar González A.k.a Texhnolyzed... An Enthusiast & Self-Taught Of Electronic Music Creation & MidiControl MediaMixing
Influenced By His Father At Early Years With High Energy & SynthPop Beats In Late 80's, But Is It Was Until 2002 He Mets Victor Alvarez A.k.a Dj Rio Being In This Time HouseMates With The Colaboration Of A Great Friend, Victor Vera A.k.a Veratronic Sharing His First Contact With This New Wave Of Electronic Performers Like Dj Sasha, Digweed, Satoshi Tomiie, Stephan K, Choos, Ceballos, Sultan & Unforgetable Oko Tek. But It Was In 2008-2009 Edgar Gonzábra Got Influenced by Psytrance Music Started To Listen Several Genres Passing Out The House & Techno In Progressive Levels He Found His Mainly Favorite Genre: The Progressive Psytrance With Artists Like Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Krama, Quantize, Normalize, Aquafeel, Midimal And So Many More Facing The List.
In March 2010 @ Equinoxx Party He & Daeep A.k.a Antonio Jimenez Had The Idea Of Play, Mix & Create More Music Having The Compromise To Mix Fresh Music Month By Month With This Showing The New Tendences In Progressive & Psychedelic Tunes Never Forgetting The Great Master Pieces In Trance Music.
Owner @ Disconnecting People Recs w/ Valuable Colaboration Of "Daeep" A.k.a Antonio Jimenez Since 21th March 2010...
Presenting 2 New Projects:
* Spaceship Eater = Psytrance & Hard Beat Stuff
* Paxx & Groove'R = Low Beat Stuff, Some Techno & House In Progressive Levels.

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