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    The_Ephemeral_Man about 3 years ago

    Yeah I haven't really used this space, @S A N F E A R [hi!]

    BIG SPACE! *)

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    S A N F E A R about 3 years ago

    wow no comments for 1 year >.>

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    Young Tree about 4 years ago

    Check out my new song Spirit

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    dronealpha about 4 years ago

    sorry i've been kind of out of touch. hope all is well with you. your visions exceed most. the audience you deserve may be difficult to find, but i am sure we'll find you somehow through it all. :)

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    dronealpha about 5 years ago

    got the e-mail. your work is amazing friend. love the multimedia box. really excellent overall experience/value. have not read/listened to all yet, but will definitely soon. :)