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  • this should be your shit making shit without the bad shit. srsly

    • Im not too worried about that, ill probably just make a second account to do that. But do you know how i can?

    • u could but you might get shut down

    • i also want to upload some of my own stuff though, do you know how i could put anything on audiotool that ive made on other DAWs?

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  • hey

    it seems i'm the first of 2017 year. Cool, just because i love the 2 tracks there. Please republish lot of things ! this is really cool !

    • import a sample i think, no ?

    • ha i wish i made those but all i did was change to my liking. I do however want to post things ive made on other DAWs. Would you happen to know how?

  • ohh that's really cool thank you

  • Hey check out the first single

    ( from my upcoming beat tape.