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    Alias about 6 years ago

    c'mon delta heavy really? 808chunk really? extremely similar sounding tracks? what astrum said is true, where is the originality....

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    Astrum about 6 years ago

    ok so your name is taken from a very well known artist, and your picture is the name from a famous audiotool artist. where's the originality these days

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    808Chunk about 6 years ago

    O my...) I've got a twin! ) Hehe :)

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    robert1040ez about 6 years ago

    please remove your profile pic, only the true 808 chunk deserves that pic. He is one of the best here at audiotool. A genius in my opinion and the 303 kingpin. Have a good one

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    Tottenhauser about 6 years ago

    You should really check 808chunck he's a god in the audiotool universe. And thou shall honour its name and never ever use it for personal gain!!!!