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Victor Guixer Martin is a very young DJ producer who was born in Barcelona at 1994.

He never was interested in music theory since10/12 years old he started to listen a lot of pop music and a year later he started to listen “comercial house” music, giving place to an unknown pasion for music.

Not was before 15 he had started to be interested in trance and he did a remix/bootleg called “tocaparadise”.

From these moment he has had obsession for be DJ.

After a pair of months he started to learn about production selfteached.

But this was just the start of his short but climbing career.

After this Victor Guixer started to sign his last work as Victor G doing an own style without care about the standards , and is when he started to get attention from Techno Mafia , Dave Rose or Soha to mention a few about his work and more or less a bit of support.

After this , Vik career did another big change. He gets the offer to work with Damion Daniel in the Ultimate UCX(worked with pitbull and flo rida) label UD records, Creating with Dam , the "Dirty House Society" driving their careers to remix together Gala for the 15th anniversary , along artists like Klaas , EDX or Henry John Morgan.

These last steps made Victor be signed with Do it Yourself (Universal , Emi , Sony-BMG, Virgin...) label of artists like Afrojack, Avicii , Armin Van Buuren , Dabruck and Klein , Inna , Nicola Fasano, Pitbull, Outwork , Alex Gaudino and many more.

But history of Victor have just started to be wroten. In 2011Flip da Script rappers were looking for his services and I&L offered him to work along them as producer and manager of the trademark.

Victor G is the name of this guy that already could play with people like Disco & Mercy on Minus party of Richie Hawtin and also in some local discos of the Barcelona area

FULL SUPPORTS TO DHS AND VICTORG: Dave Rose Versus 5, Albert Neve, Damion Daniel, James Delille, Ginny K , Cristian Exploited,Darko de Jan, Jorge Montia, Adria Alemany, Ray Guerrero, Phonk D'or, Florian Gasperini... and more !

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