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Recent News!: R E M I X C O M P E T I T I O N I N P R O G R E S S
Anyone want a music cover art? I'll make ya'll a cover without charge :) Excellent Artist for covers, good experience in photoshop. HMU on something like Kik or skype. :)
I'm a Youtuber known as WhenANinjaPlaysGames, The Type of music I'm good at is dubstep, Trapstep,Hardstyle and house when it comes down to audiotool. I look forward to collabs so if you want to collab, feel free to send me an invite. I also look forward to making different Genres. I Started making music because i wanted to give it a try, over time I've gotten better and better, One of my future goals is to join monstercat which out of honesty i don't think I'll even join Monstercat but it's worth a try. Another one of my future goals is to become a youtuber who entertains people, and the power of that is in your guys hands. I post my tracks on youtube and Soundcloud which are both connected to this account. Hope you guys enjoy my music :]
My ways of remixing is
01. i only remix full tracks not unfinished tracks.
02. if the original track doesn't say unfinished or anything similar, i will remix lol
I'm basically that one audiotool user who makes tracks while seeing people messaging each other for collabs, lol "All around me are familiar faces"
-Friends on AT-
-DJ Luminoux
-Nightraider (Theghostranger8) Met him off youtube as a fan, now we brothas
-Prox ID
(Lol it's not much of a big list, Hello Darkness my old Friend)
-Future Collab Goals-
-JAXXN (Second Person i met on AT/YT)
-Darklite (first person i found on AT)
[This is not least to greatest, this is just my list]

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