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Absence/Acrid EP by @IGNIT (read desc.) and @T S out 10/29/16
The account for mainly Riddim Dubstep artists looking to be recognized on this site as well as Soundcloud and Mixlr, critical sites for dubstep producers.
- Revived by @PROWLA & @T S
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We're going to begin putting tracks back on here. It will usually be tracks that have been up for a minute. We don't want attention coming here instead of the actual artist so the track must be at least a week or old as of publishing. In a way this is just for people to find things because we've noticed that certain people are only aware of other certain people. For example people following Prowla might not know of JG Dubz. This is just to spread awareness of other people who make non-mainstream music on Audiotool.
We're starting things off with Ghost x TwoSworded - Gladium Mortis (TS VIP)

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