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i havent been on in forever because the past year ive been bouncing around placements because i dont live at home right now im in a group home
Avi made by Delve
(Goals and Milestones)
1: learn how to GlitchHop []
2: convince Vulkron to teach me his way of music []
3: learn how to git gud [/ <half an x] lmao
4: 50 followers [x]
5: 100 followers [x]
6: 125 followers [x]
7: 150 followers [X]
8: 200 followers []
9: 10 favs on 1 track [x]
10: 50 favs on 1 track []
(underated AT bass king) @W.A.N.P.G. Official
(Great trap artist) @EvoBeats
(One of my first AT friends) @Djlitterbox
(My group leader) @S K E H S E P
(Great under rated AT user must follow he be good af) @ReSight
(Goddess Beast VERY UNDERATED GO FOLLOW HIM) @Nich [Gone]

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