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opaqityapogee EP

yay so I made some music :D


i hope you guys enjoy it. if you want to take it to the next level you can support me on my newfangled patreon page and get a download of the EP as a bonus <3

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    Zenki about 6 months ago

    You need Jesus crist!

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    Kib about 7 months ago

    I hate to be a scrooge... wait... Christmas is over...

    I hate to be a general douche, but I don't think the songs go well together. I don't sense the same atmosphere with each. I'm not bashing them, they are all phenomenal and I think you deserve Audiotool's equivalent of an Oscar for each one, but I don't think they should be put together like this. They don't seem to sound... together. Do you get what I am saying because I am having a hard time getting what I am saying?

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      opaqity about 3 months ago

      nah. your point still stands and I appreciate it - next time I do something like this, I'll try to create an element of flow between tracks.

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      Kib about 3 months ago

      I'm starting to realize why he got 10 favs and I am at zero. I sounded too dramatic and convoluted. Rip me.

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      MATRIX (Hiatus) about 6 months ago


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    Ari. about 7 months ago

    i honestly wish i could give you money on patreon, but im flush outta cash man :(

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      Ari. about 6 months ago

      well, now im starting a job soon, so expect a donation within the next couple weeks :)

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    Ari. about 6 months ago

    And it pulled me back haha

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    mantra. about 6 months ago