track 3/3 (original piano composition)

sorry for such a short little ep guys lol

hear all 3 tracks here: apogee EP

event horizon / apogee / call of the void


i hope you take 5 quiet minutes out of your day to listen to this from start to finish though. i decided to just go piano on this one. it's just a little original piece but was a total pain to split into samples :D i really hope you appreciate it


thanks to my new patrons! <3 those cool people get to download the ep @

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  • love this one

  • i love this

  • refav. Damnn

  • its crazy how fast this song passes by. while listening to this song, i start to think about moments, dreams, desires, and countless failures in my own life. thanks for providing a space for me to think.

  • True music <3

  • I ... I can't find words anymare

  • im guessing he did midi piano samples I guess

  • amazing. I don't actually how this hasn't placed higher than my track which isn't even soundtrack and is utterly awful

    • Yes I realise that but not a single song in 2 years to make followers happy

    • i make stuff outside of at

    • fair enough

      y dont you amek stuff more often

    1 more
  • This is so beautiful its unreal

  • Beautiful noise in the void Op, thankyou ;)

  • lmao thiis the leaving audiotool ep

    • Imma just say ur a mad inspiration, and is the reason i got into making garbo music. That day i listened to Haunt (opaque) was the day that made me decide to get into the fold, and I just wanted to say thanks man.

    • p much

  • This deserves so much more love than 260 people could ever give.

  • this is dope. I also really like the cover images you've been using for your ep

  • dude

    this is amazing, the changes in this kill me

  • I will remix this... Is so good