track 2/3

hear all 3 tracks here: apogee EP

event horizon / apogee / call of the void


playing around with creating 2 contrasting sections and bringing them back together. maybe a bit silly but was really fun to make :)

also happy last day of 2017 lol


thanks to my new patrons! <3 those cool people get to download the ep @

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  • amazing as always, miss your tracks homie

  • holy crap

  • Cool song, I like when the song changes at 1:02

  • ahh so groovy

  • refav <333333

  • This is so chill:~)

  • refave but how is this ambient

  • Holy crap

    This is music to strive for

  • huge refave

  • Wow I can't believe I haven't heard this one yet. Awesome

  • the panning is so insane, how do you do that?

  • "also happy last day of 2017 lol"

    gosh is this really that old now?

  • Keep coming back, you didn't just take my curiosity, but also my attention

  • were you inspired by all yours - tennyson for the intro?

  • "Heeeey, this sounds pretty cool. I think I might attempt a remix of it."

    *Clicks Remix Button*

    *Starts loading very slowly*

    "Huh... I wonder why it's taking so-"

    *Draft opens*

    "... Oh..."

    • Lol yeah, exactly.

    • Before I officially say that though, I'mma wait till I get home to see how it runs on meh mac.

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