Edition Audiotool: Cripta

Total playing time: 1:09:24

Cripta's Top 10 sounds like a flashback to the past Audiotool Techno days. Try it out and you will find some almost forgotten classics.

You can find his feature here on Facebook:

1 . Mother by @sumad

"Dark bangin Techno at its best: powerful, angry, hypnotic... SPEECHLESS!!!"

2. Heisenfest by @Snadbrugen

"Sandburgen is a genre. He has his unique, proven, and recognizable sound.

Ranging from Techno to Trance, via New Wave, Post Punk influences!

I challenge you to press play and to not dance... KILLER RIFF !!!"

3. Plain by @André Michelle

"I'm always suprised how much André is able to get out of a small set-up.

I love all his tracks and his musical mentality.

I chose this one, cause it is one of my first audiotool inpirations... LESS IS MORE!!"

4. Path II by @Olondro

"Olondro has his definite and recognizable style, always original and never obvious or boring.

I love a lot of Olondro tracks,it was really hard to choose only one.

But probably this is my favourite.... TRICKY !!"

5. Cubrick by @Intracktion

"He came on Audiotool and boom! A new world of sound! GENIUS!!!"

6. Abducted by @Marodeur

"Probably the AT artist closest to my taste. His music is a sexy underground club.

It was hard too choose only one track cause I love them all.

But this is maybe my favourite. "how to get high without drugs" ... ECSTASY!!!"

7. Soundlab by @808Chunk

"He's another one of my greatest inspirations. I could not believe his tracks were made on Audiotool, so professional.

I learnt everything opening and spying his tracks. And this track is one of my favourites of his.

But eh... missing any of Chunk tracks is a crime. MASTER OF SYNTHESIS!!"

8. Pointless Tune by @EliaTrix

"EliaTrix is another pioneer of the "audiotool techno club"...

His tracks are always dark, mindblowing and tripping... WASHING BRAIN MACHINE!!!"

9. Toys are tool too by @rnzr

"Yes, he was right, toys rule ;)

Thanks for this track Thomas - it is probably the reason why I'm on audiotool.... EVERGREEN!!"

10. Corner Shop by @ascent

"Open this track. You won't believe your eyes.

Ascent is simply a fantastic producer with very good taste, too. What else ?

For me a point of reference... TOP !!!"

Favorite track of his own:

Find a place right here

"Even if it's not perfect as regards production - I think we have made qualitatively better tracks -

I love the composition and the sounds. It's easy but engaging and perfectly focused on our initial target."

"Artist recommendation: @Mikke

Because he's really young and so talented! I've rarely seen people get his skills, in such a short time,

and starting from zero experience. Keep it up bro!


and I want to mention ASTRUM, KEPZ, JONJON, ARCHE, TYBURN and FRIGOLITO...

Because they were all here with me at the beginning of this journey.

And they all helped me in some way, for my "artistic growth". Thank you, guys!!

And greetings to all my other friends ;)"

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  • forgot to fav :D

  • but you were featured like 2 years ago, right? hehe

  • Cripta is soooooo awesome, such a great dude :)!!!

  • About time cripta jeeeeez thought u be first feature lol great selection ;)

  • Ahah, I like the mention of the audiotool oldies.


  • ayeee

  • spettacolare!!! fino a ora è la raccolta che mi è piaciuta di più ;)

  • No surprise here! You are one of the best audiotoolers!

  • thanks everybody ...you are too kind ;)

  • wow this music!

  • Cripta is awesome!

  • Congrats dude! You were definitely an inspiration when I first started! I had never heard techno the way it was presented in Audiotool and I really appreciate your continuous contribution to the community of Audiotool. Thanks for all you've done ! (:


  • Great Selection bro!

    ...and thx for the nice words ;)