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neo. (remix comp)EARTHBOUND (RESULTS)

so basically these are my top ten favourites (in no particular order).


1. Earthbound (XRB Remix)

okay i said no particular order but, tbh i think this one was my fav, probably to no ones surprise either. this is kinda what i had i mind before deciding to pub the draft as a remix comp because i thought it would be more fun. dont forget to check out the mastered version on soundcloud, too: (link is only visible to registered users)


2. EARTHBOUND (X__________X)

this was one of the first remixes, and im pretty sure dadface published this like 1 or 2 days after i published the comp lol. it blows me away how quickly he works, taking into account the high quality of his remix, too


3. EARTHBOUND (Tim Derry)

i wasnt expecting a remix like this, at all. the acoustic samples really add the icing on the cake for me (especially the piano) ;). Tim is one of the most underrated artists on this site imo, so be sure to check out his other works


4. [Title] (By Aura)

another high quality that was completed only a few days after the comp was released. im not a huge fan of drum and bass personally, but I could tell a lot of work went into this remix, and it would be wrong to not include it in the top 10. fucking love the arps by the way man <3


5. The NightSky is EARTHBOUND

unfortunately this remix is only just over a minute long, which is a shame, because its REALLY good. really dope vocal chops man, shame you couldnt have made it longer :(


6. Talk 2 U (Wrighteous Edit)

rob writes amazing music. enough said. 1:47 is incredibly unique and ily


7. EARTHBOUND (lux edit)

'edit' he said. this probably would've been my favourite if it wasnt only a minute and a half long. 1:10 onwards is literally insane. your percs are off the charts too man like seriously, chill


8. Earthbound (ExPe Remix)

the rasselbock work in this is really dope. really nice arrangement as well. i also liked they way in which you changed up the melody to add variation to the piece. overall great remix <3


9. Earthbound (Cowbell Remix)

probably the most unique/interesting remix of the whole competition?


10. Earthbound [PS]

percs are sick, chord synths are sick, this song is sick. a lot of work went into this one, you can just tell


honorable mentions:

Earthbound (Corix Remix)

(this one unfortunately didnt make the top ten because it was all done outside of AT)

EARTHBOUND (CallyKay Remix)

(link is only visible to registered users)

EARTHBOUND (PID) ( finally finished ) ( crit pls )

earthbound (laidux remix)

EARTHBOUND (suns Remix)

check these out too^^^^

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    keadan_techard99 about 2 years ago

    I just realized that this was a competition, not a compilation.... I am months late for wanting to remix this. I never read the page for the original, I just downloaded it.

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    Hawktronic about 2 years ago

    Computer fried before I could actually work on this. R.I.P.

    (It got back last night btw)

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    reyvaz about 2 years ago

    yah screw u xav for killing everyone lmao

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    Xavi about 2 years ago

    Oh hey I won

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    neo. (remix comp) about 2 years ago

    no fucking way