Edition Audiotool: The Seahorse

Total playing time: 1:08:47

The cool selection of our this week's artist @The Seahorse . Check out his feature on Facebook aswell: (link is only visible to registered users)

1. Blimps by @Snadbrugen

"My favorite song on AT, by my favorite artist on AT. One of my favorite songs outside of AT as well. Listening to a Sndbrgn track is like watching the pieces of a puzzle fall into place, every sound is exactly where it's supposed to be and there's no way it could be anywhere else. There's almost a feeling of confidence about his music. This track's extremely intricate yet catchy design is a perfect example of said feeling."

2. Bridal Ceromony by @lucy inugami

" I picture Daniel as a scientist sitting in his laboratory experimenting with music, testing each hypothesis until proving his theory, then publishing his work for us to hear. I vote him most likely to have a rabid cult following at some point in his music career. This track grabbed me immediately when I heard it for the first time. It's like a mix between Jon Hopkins and Jane's Addiction, which in my book, is awesome!"

3. Yeah I know ... by @brain-walker

"Brainwalker has the amazing skill of making his tracks sound truly like "real" music. He also has the ability to make you smile when you hear his tracks. I think that's because his tracks sound like he's smiling when he makes them! This track blew my mind when I heard it. If I didn't know it was digital I would have never believed it."

4. The Hope by @WhiteGrizzly

"When I think of White Grizzly I picture a man living deep in a eternally snow filled mountain range, a man who snowshoes forty miles uphill just to find an internet signal with which to publish his apocalyptically beautiful soundscapes. I was going to pick a different track by him initially, but then he published this one the other day and it took the honors!"

5. Low Pressure by @kiari

"Syntax was one of the first artists I got into on AT. The way she writes her music just really makes a lot of sense to me. I basically learned how to use the pulv by opening her tracks and studying them, not to mention sidechaining, velocity and a bunch of other stuff I use on a regular basis. Low pressure is still one of my favorites by her. I love everything about it. The bass, the percs, and that clean clean clean Syntax sound!"

6. Headra by @cripta

"Cripta... The first name in AT techno. His skills are definitely not limited to one genre though. In fact, some of the best synthpop I've heard was made by the Cripta/Sndbrgn collaboration Sandcripten. This tech house track is my favorite by him. Great one for dancing!"

7. Untitled by @Mikke

"Mikke is a genius. His sound design is some of the best and most inspiring I've heard on AT. Not to mention, he's an incredibly nice and humble guy. This track says more than I ever could about the brilliance of his music."

8. Ground Control by @tornsage

"Speaking of incredibly nice guys.... Tornsage: Broken Philosopher, selfless promoter of other artists, and eternal supporter of new ATers. One never knows exactly what to expect from a Tornsage track, but you always know it's going to be GREAT!!! Thanks for all of the support, Torn! :)"

9. Oriental Hypnowlsis by @Sonic Particles

"Sonic Particles was only with us for a couple of months last year, but he made a huge impact on many ATers, myself included. This is one of my favorite tracks by him, and a quick listen will tell you exactly why. I've searched many times for new material from him, but have never found anything. If anybody has a line on his music, please let me know!"

10. Highway 169 by @1moreastronaut

"I stumbled across 1moreastronaut about six months ago very much by accident. Very glad that I did! Apparently he quit publishing not too long before I started, which in my opinion, is a great loss for the AT community. I actually had to flip a coin to decide between this track and another called "Carina" as to which I would choose for this."

Artist deserving more recognition: @slopo

"One of my favorite artists on AT. His distinctive brand of percussion based techno, as well as his awesome synth made percs never cease to blow me away. I asked him what his favorite track of his own is, without telling him what it's for. Sorry I tricked ya, "bro!":)

11. All night chime by @slopo

My track:

"This probably isn't my best track, and it's not my favorite, but its newer and it has less work needed to fix it soooooo......;)"

12. Tarantula Hawk by @The Seahorse

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