2013 well spent

Total playing time: 0:30:57

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  • All great tracks

  • picks*

  • or staff pics whatever ;)

  • lol it's on the charts. thx AT

  • That 90's keyboard...

  • best title ever

  • another theory states sasha never bothered to open audiotool-remixes.rar ;)

  • they are still here. As far as what happened, who knows? Perhaps Sasha was too impressed by the audiotool remixes and was in shock that they had been made on some free application ;)

  • last I heard burn studios is still around and they just run residency competitions now.

  • Exactly what happened? Didn't Sasha just cut off the entire contest? Or was he not willing to look at Audiotool remixes, even though they were a part of Burnstudios back in the day... what happened to Burnstudios anyway? I can't even find that site anymore... T.T So many questions!!

  • dam sexy album lol

  • heh back in the day when rnzr was going to rip Sasha's head off if he saw him ;)

  • Ooohhh That contest was long before I was here.

  • Potasmic, it came in a goodie bag after the Sasha contest.

  • Superb!!!! ;)