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  • I just opened this up, listened to it all while looking at it.

    I must say the most impressive things here are the pluck bass and the drums.

    Both are very, very clean and work wonderfully. I love basses that can slide like that with ease. :)

    Wonderful work here, Kepz. Keep it up!

  • never too late to discover such a great track

  • so fucking clean even for Next

    • Ah, that’s my bad. Misunderstood your comment. But yes, the quality is crazy!

    • even for next is like, pre next.

    • nothing in what i said indicated that i didn't know that it was made pre-next

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  • I love this <3

    Brings back memories of my childhood!

    I'd make this genre if I could...

  • I really want to do a full band cover of this song

    • please, that would be epic

    • you know who to hit up ;)

  • reminds me of Crystal Castles mixed with upbeat elevator music

  • still revolutionary

  • eee REFAV <3

  • the way the bass and lead plays off each other is so amazing. it reminds me a lot of tycho but i like it better

  • oh damn, this is clean as hell!! this must have been revolutionary for AT at the time!! <33 much love

    • It's still revolutionary tbh

  • time flies man, can't believe i made this 4-5 years ago

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  • Wow <3

  • duuuude

  • i fucking adore that lead synth