aaand back to ambient...

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  • amazing

  • Wow. Stunning.

  • this track is Really really sensational sound composition....wow....and it only even sounds like you were playing around....extremely accomplished programming of sounds here. Movie-scapes, documentary...you name it.

    It really shows the awesome capability of audiotool in the right hands.

    I mean i don;t know how long it took you though.....but still

  • thanks!

  • I don't usually like tracks like this, but I must say... this is amazing! So calming and soothing. Definitely a song for the morning or evening. :D <3

  • This belongs in an incredibly inspirational documentary

  • refav!

  • thanks so much guys!

  • the most frijid track ever

  • <3

  • thanks for leading me to this track, Audial :)

  • on a scale of one to even, i just can't.

  • no. freaking. way. this. is. insane.

  • way better than Mylo Xyloto...(seriously compare it!)

  • wow. this is so beautiful -o_o-