Edition Audiotool: Nionsomnia

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Welcome to Nionsomnia's varied Top 10 list. Have a look at his feature on Facebook aswell. (link is only visible to registered users)

1. Dusk To Dawn by @ascent

"The first real garage song I heard anywhere on audiotool. Audiotool is actually where I learned that the name for this is 'Garage'. The mysterious kind of intro and the spooky sounding pads that fade kind of in snippets really make the song. The drums are also flawless and at the time I first heard it I was really into playing drums. So I spent like 5 hours that day trying to imitate the electronic drum patterns from the song on my real drums. That was of course back then, when I hadn't learned about sequenced drums versus real drums. I still get goose bumps listening to it."

2. Phoenix ft. Aaron- Trying to be cool by @Aaron

"I came across this when I was really into a lot of electronic music that had 140 bpm kind of rap influence using samples; artists like XXYYXX or Daedalus. I also love the band Phoenix. So when I heard this I kind of lost it. The song's still on my phone actually."

3. Dirty Dan (Dubstep) by @Uprising

"Some dirty dirty dub. Enough said. The creepy feeling the beginning has that leads up to the drop

is so sudden that it intensifies everything. This is what got me making scary sounding dub for a while."

4. SoundWaves by @almate

"Almate and I kind of rose up together. I’m happy he’s improved so much. This song actually got me into experimenting with dnb production. My first attempt was when I remixed Soundwaves. It was a pretty big success for me."

5. Chill Penguins by @abstract

"This is a really glitchy track in a good way. ABstract always seems to maintain a pop in his songs. This inspired me to write Time Bomb, which made top 100 in Moogfest."

6. NXS#_004 by @SOLACE

"When I heard a few of Solace's hits, it really made me question my dnb skills in general. He's got drum and bass on lock. After a while I started getting ideas from him and ended up getting better at making dnb."

7. Jalshira by @sweattz

"Where to start. Everything about this song is magic. The melody is repetitive yes, but in my opinion the quality and creativity with samples that sweatzz put into this song really compensated for that. It also gives me a sense of nostalgia. I think it's a combination of the melody, and the cover pic. Just a really classic, vintage sound that kind of took me away from reality when I first heard it."

8. Make Me Feel by @Phenom

"I have a deep appreciation for classic house. The 80s-sounding sample really tied this song together.

This proved to me that any genre is possible on Audiotool."

9. Cherry Blossom Road by @[offbeatninja]

"It’s all in the strings in this song. The violins set the mood for the track and the percussion somehow fits right in with it. Offbeat’s usage of chopped samples in instrumental hip hop really reminds me of nujabes and has inspired me to try more of that type of stuff. Now I can never get enough of digging through records."

10. Meteor Flare by @Syntax & Pilgrim

"In my opinion one of the very best constructed and best sounding dubstep songs on Audiotool. This inspired me to write Pyrostepping."

An Underrated Artist: Udisnep

An underrated artist on here I think would be Udsinep.

@udsinep (break)

Favorite tracks by Udsinep:

"Is this the World?"

Is this The World?

Favorite Tracks of Myself:

Diplomacy feat Bruqx

"This song was more like a painting that I didn't know what would turn out looking like. But it ended well. It was my first real chillstep success in my eyes because that was the time I had finally got a grasp on leveling. I still could’ve eq’d it better though."

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    An honor dude. Lovely song choice.

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    Grats on the feature dude!

    When i asked if i could use your vocals i wasnt aware youd been featured, sorry about that:(

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    congrats on the feature!

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    Don't mention it guys. It was really hard choosing out of so many damn great artists on here. Thanks for being a discovery to me.

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    udsinep (break)

    thank you for adding my in this playlist! and what you wrote is a great honor! you´re so great mate

    found a few nice peaces here

    great album

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    Congrats man

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    Nice :)