You ask yourself " why did i take that shortcut" Your beating yourself up about driving fast on a dark dirt road in the midde of the night with only one headlight and no spare tire " damn Potholes" you say out loud while thinking About the near miss you just had with ... " what the hell was that thing " you think to yourself " Un nerved about the near miss you almost had with an animal From witch you Question your own sanity and eyesight after seeing it . Nerves tence , Awareness Hightened , you notice it . through the thick fog and the distant Rolling thunder, Everything is Quiet .... too Quiet .. all you her is your footsteps on the dark gravel road, your Shallow breathing and your heart beating hard .. "Things are starting to get a little creepy" you say out loud .. then you hear it and turn to see what ts behind you just off the side of the road in the dark treeline that opens up into a feild where off in the distance you can see the faint lights of a homstead." AH yes " you think. imigining the dissmay of the Farmers who will undoubtably be woken up by your irresponsability and creeped out by the Noises you hear and Dont hear. you make for the homestead, in the middle of a fog coverd Night and with the feeling of being watched , you make haste through the tall grassy feild , When you hear it . A stealy Ghost of a shreik comming from the Raod you just lefft.... you step on something....It crunches under your hard sole work boots. your heart races and you feel the cold spikes of fear enter your soul as you realize that you are standing on the partial remains of a dead man half decomposed with a steel spike through his eyeball.. you know your not safe .. then you hear it . afraid to turn around you hear a metalic breath that only one of hells deciples could possess..........your about to meet Dirty Dan.

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