Ridiculous Titles EP

Total playing time: 0:14:55

YEAHHH 3rd official album/EP. Best so far.

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  • all killer, no filler

  • holy mother of god! This is still up on the charts. r u kidding me? Lol

  • aBstarcT the best

    Epic MotherFucker


  • I usually don't dig your music, but you pulled out some new tricks for this album, and you have now gained a fan! :D

  • When I was scrolling down the page I thought the name was Ridiculous Titties EP lmao. Amazing stuff man.

  • This album is like elevator music except it's really good! You have a very unique style. I like it.

  • yeah, cigars taste kinda good, like a television. yeah, as squirrel. what, mom?

  • "Ridiculously Good Songs" E.P. is A better title!

  • that's pretty hawt too. idk which one to go with now xD but yeah change it

  • fixed it up a bit

  • the side white lines were part of the image lol.

  • I like the image, but the white lines on the sides and the white-on-rainbow colours look somewhat unprofessional.

  • lel. the cover art kinda sux tho no offense :P