Inspired by Kepz and amoeba.

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  • The racist umbrellas..... The Illuminati lumberjacks.... Next we'll have " Hipster Mannequins "

  • Btw. I love this track, but parts like 0:18 when you can clearly hear that the rain loop is starting again... omg it bugs me so much and I don't know why. Just loop the sample a little earlier before it goes silent again, and it will sound continuous.

  • Why did I just now find this??



  • thnx m8. but stereo delay be what?

  • always the stereo huehuehue oh wait i like the bass being stereo and stuffs

  • m8 this could use some stereo delay or sumthin

  • damn umbrellas always poking me in the eye and shit just bcaus im black

  • Lovely. I like that syncopated beat.

  • Very Slick Tune.

  • nice track :)

  • ikr xD ahahaha

  • it's actually hilarious how professional this sounds and the cover looks, looks like a box for a movie or something and then it's like...

    ",,,racist umbrellas?|

  • don't forget escalator tourists *is proud for being the "creator" of that title* heheheh

  • lovely one

  • Republished

    lol i cant even spell racist right xD and rain sample was too loud, fixed that