Oh man. This was fun. Concludes my ridiculous names EP :)

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  • This reminds me of a really interesting time in my life. And I will forever remember it because of this song :)

  • fuck me this is brilliant

  • Im getting caravan palace vibes from that intro part

  • this needs a remaster

  • YES

  • throwbackkkkkkkkkkk

  • WTF ???? How did you that ?! So good man ! But pls tell me how is it possible... doing all these notes with audiotool... May be you're using a midi output ? Just tell me :'((

    Thanks !

  • awesome:)

  • Never gets old.

  • I'm still coming back to this. man, is it something else.

  • Could you explain to me how to get a jazz swing pattern? mainly on the drums. Thx

  • wow.

  • The groove is definitely there. I feel that.

  • Jazzy! :)

  • i like the messed up piano...