Edition Audiotool: Regret

Total playing time: 0:44:52

Check out this masterful deep Top 10 list compiled by our this week's Featured Artist @... . Visit us on our Facebook to read the whole interview:

1. Woes by @shoes

"This track was already featured in amoeba's album but I had to put it here because a few years ago my dad was in the hospital with clots in his leg, and seeing someone I'd always thought was so strong weakened like this made me feel a certain way. It was raining and my mom and I were waiting for news from the hospital and I listened to this track, and it encapsulated how I felt."

2. 火花 by @super deformed

"This track reminds me of the song playing on the welcome screen on TV at a hotel room, and I really like the way the guitar is chopped in it."

3. Unrest by @trrrrillionare

"I love trrrrillionaire and wish he hadn't deleted so many amazing tracks. Great musician here."

4. neotokyodub by @racecar

"VLTRA is a god. His music is too good... Makes me jealous. Such raw emotion; I never thought electronic music could be this deep before finding his tracks. All hi tracks are so deep and this is no exception... How does he make these pads? I've been trying to find out for like a year and still don't know. This album could easily just be 10 of his tracks."

5. The wound by @Luxior

"Before this track I have to admit I wrote off luxior because a lot of his tracks didn't resonate with me, but I really need to give him kudos for this one. So nice how the bass provides motion through the track, that way it goes up a half step w/ the stuff over top remaining the same reminds me so much of the music I played in the jazz band in high school... Even though I don't like his style I have to say he's great at music and has a lot of knowledge and can't wait to see how his music will develop."

6. Open My Eyes by @Future Sound Collabs

"Where to start with future sound collabs.... These are the artists I've looked up to since I found the site and they've all had profound effects on the music I make. Those vocals with that beat and piano, it's so simple and so nice. Too chill."

7. Monochroma by @Vltra

"More VLTRA... why not. This has been front and center on my ipod for a while because of that bass and that perc, it's all so good. The quintessential VLTRA sounds. Amazing work."

8. Soar by @tornsage

"My fav track by tornsage, one of the first users on here to notice my profile and one of the friendliest people on the site. Those drums at 45 seconds are amazing and remind me of a lot of music I enjoyed in the early 2000's when I was growing up."

9. Innerlude by @amoeba

"So beautiful and really optimistic in a way I like a lot. Amoeba is an artist who has had a profound effect on me with his sick tracks."

10. M V M M O N by @Nominal

"This is so heavy and that saw synth is too good. Blew my head off when I first heard it. Nominal is a god; EVERYDAY ANYONE is the best track on the site but everyone already knows that one so I want to spread this oldie."

Artist Recommendation: @TH∃ WICK∃D

"This group needs more followers.... I think they are so underrated because AUDIOTOOL ISN'T READY

Sick tracks non-stop and so heavy."

11. ♕✯犯罪s➏➏➏ by @TH∃ WICK∃D

Personal favorite track:

"I thought this track was really beautiful when I made it on my old account. It reminds me of times I've had with friends on summer nights."

12. Floaters by @...

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