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12.16 .12: Minor EQ'ing done to perc & bass, deleted reverb on tambs.

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  • <3

  • That pad man. Prestine

  • Wow, beautiful track. The percussion is amazing. Where does the artwork from the image come from? It's also great.

  • Relaxing!

  • Wow nice !

  • Republished

    Minor eq

  • rebooting this aswell

  • love it !!


  • I wish you made you made your songs remixble I really want to that pad

  • Republished

    Reminiscence Audio diggs this track!

  • very nice, cool and chill track

    the pads are ethereal

  • Thanks jace, always enjoy reading your comments. It really does mean alot :)

  • Innovative percussion, clean mix overall.. that pad does not get boring at all, the percussion keeps me on edge.. this great.. reminds me of a dream I had..perfect soundtrack for the black and white things of life. Great sounscape