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  • Again, got to re-fav; some tracks just have that feel where you remember them years down the road coming back intermittently, this one plays in my dreams

  • This continues to be one of my favorites by you

  • great track my friend, very cool :)

  • Just epic. Faved. I love your work. Let me know when you produce a track of lesser quality. I would love to hear what you think is lesser quality. I think every track so far that I have heard is outstanding and worthwhile. You could so easily sell this. I have heard some real crap on amazon, but this is just amazing.

  • hey u guys go check out my first production i beilieve its great an i follow back please go listen Transformation thank you

  • GOOD.......

  • Damn, I haven't listened to any of your music in so long. It's always great. :)

  • Brilliant sound. I love the way it all fits together and that beat is crystal clear. Excellent track.

  • You're a boss at music man, sort of like the Bruce Springsteen of ambient down tempo, if that even makes sense.

  • Really great, but I still dislike the fact that the piano sounds so mechanical ;)

  • wow this is beautiful! good work, mate!

  • classy percussion, great deep bass complemented by fantastic piano work with cool fx i love it man! =)

  • Should be 1337

  • this has 1111 plays and 111 favs, lol just thought that was cool