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  • synth-wave

Dream Paradox

Total playing time: 0:41:23

This synth-wave/techno/soundtrack album is about a character falling asleep and exploring his dream world which shifts as it unfolds. Since this album is also a paradox, I've designed it to be a continual, perfect loop.

The concept of this album are Haikus found in the descriptions of every song, but here they all are:


"The moon shines brightly.

Past memories draw closer

To my weary mind.."


"Cosmic energy

Illuminates my mind.

It feels amazing!"


"Forces guide me to

A world of Cosmic Dragons

That I recognize.."


"This world phases, for

I have seared the Pentadra..

But will he revive..?"


"Tons of stress build up

Slowly in here.. until.. I

Feel like I'm drowning.."


"I feel.. distant.. from

Everybody else in here..

On this empty sphere.."


"But, maybe I can

Change history in these woods!

It's never too late!"


"I feel great lights shine

through leaves of distant trees. Wait..

Was this a cycle?"

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  • i mean this album is cool, its chill. i like it

  • Dude, I'm not exactly sure where to start... This was such a spectacular album. I used it to listen to while I was studying, and damn... You were so right. This track brought me out of this world, and to a whole other one- another dimension entirely! I can tell you put hard work into this album, and let me just say... I love it. I am breathless. You are so underrated, so talented, and I don't want you to ever stop making music like this. It's incredibly breathtaking.

    • @EscapingReality I told you you'd like this :) I'm so glad that you enjoyed the journey of a hero's ups, downs, and struggles as he grapples with his inner demons rather than his outer ones that he faced in Cosmic Dragons (The Pentadra, a five headed dragon who has power over five elemental magics (Earth, Wind, Fire, Air, and Light) and is the main villain of that album.)! Thank you for your imput! I really apprechiate it!

    • Okay I'm done now, I'll stop commenting XD

    • *continued further* This is beautiful art, outstanding, really out of this world- okay, I might be repeating myself at this point.

      But seriously, props to you dude. I'm so glad I've found your music.

      Also, let me just add- I love how you had a haiku for each track! I just love the theme of this in general, having this being focused on a character exploring a dream world that shifts like each track. Every track has something different to contribute as a whole.

      This album is a real hidden gem.

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