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"I can't come up with something interesting for a phrase, so... I'd like to order a large cheese pizza-"
I won't be able to hop on Audiotool all the time, I have a lot more homework this year than before, and I participate in clubs most of the week. I'll try to do what I can, though.
I want to make music for a living, but as of right now, I'm just 16- please give me a break! I don't know too much of what I'm doing here yet (and it doesn't help that my Chromebook is constantly overloading)... I am always open to collabs and remixes, though. Although I may not have the greatest skills with sound design, I definitely make up for it with melodies! Please feel free to give me feedback, and correct me if I put some track in the wrong genre :D
I make mostly EDM and Chiptune types of tracks, but every now and then I'll change things up. It's good to keep an open mind. The only thing I'm really not fond of is Trap, and I know that's popular stuff, so... yeah. Whatever, I've never really cared for much of the popular trendy things anyway -_-
Sorry to those who make Trap, not trying to attack you or anything!
I appreciate all of my followers and people who collab with me!!!
(Also, I've always used other people's samples/presets for my tracks, so credit to them.)
* @NightWave is my younger brother.*
People I consider my best buddies (not going from least to greatest):
-NDY- Exabyte
The Great Trio (AlCerity): consisting of Alko, CeRoXin, and EsacapingReality
Please give my followers support, or at least check out their music :)
(JEEZ I need to stop typing so many faces XD)

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