Edition Audiotool: ΘLE

Total playing time: 0:48:36

@eratekk compiled the this week's atmospheric Edition Audiotool album. Thanks Ole.

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1. U [Vocals by Julsy] by @Aaron

"What a wonderful track by my german friend Aaron. To start of this album I chose this track for a particular reason. I think this might be my biggest inspiration on Audiotool even today. The drums, the bass and that outstanding and beautiful vocalist Julsy everything goes together perfectly. 10/10 would listen."

2. Everyday Anyone by @Nominal

"This one will never get old! Nominal's track has become some sort of evergreen within the Audiotool community and for a good reason. Creating such a professional track is almost witchcraft. Everything goes together perfectly. The mixing is outstanding and the 4x4 beat gives the beat a futuristic touch even Martey Mcfly would be impressed."

3. Reckless by @Olaf

"It is almost kind of sad that I discovered Olaf and his superior Garage music only 2-3 months ago but ever since I´m in love! You can clearly see that Olaf is a huge inspiration for me now as I tried to create a futuristic garage Beat in my Track "2048" as he does all the time. Why I chose exactly this track? Cause it is undanceable."

4. Watashi Zone by @Zone

"Zone's "Watashi Zone" has touched my feelings since the day it was published. The melody really warms up my whole body from the inside. Do I have to say more?"

5. Unrealize by @Lyon (done)

"EVERYBODY!! I found Burials secret AT account! There is no other track here on Audiotool that is so well produced in every way. There isn´t even any Future Garage track close to the quality of this one. Prove me wrong. Pro tip: You can't."

6. Young by @amoeba

"My personal favorite by the great amoeba. you may disagree with my choice because there are much more popular tracks by him but the fact that "young" was made completely without the reverb-tool makes it outstanding."

7. Deepthought by @• Λ И Θ Я M Λ Ƚ Ү T Ξ •

"This one is way underrated! The track shows the technical possibilities of the great Application called Audiotool. If you know another artist who can create such pro sounding sounds or uk-ish Garage music in general please let me know."

8. Midnight by @VLTRA

"I could have taken every VLTRA song ever. He never disappoints me in any way. His music is definitely the most artistic on Audiotool. Props."

9. Jonjon - Breach of Trust (Akimbo and Jambams future Jungle remix) by @Akimbo

"Another friend of mine is Akimbo. Those of you who have known me a little longer might have noticed that I changed my style completely over the years. Back in the days of "G. Lumberjack" I used to produce Drum and Bass music only and I still love listening to it. So this is a big shout out to all the great Drum and Bass artists like Akimbo, Jonjon, VAPEROUS, Triquend, Notoz and all the others not mentioned here ;) P.S. I might be doing some Drum and Bass soon for old days sake.

10. Plane by @Untrust 三

"I hope you get famous one day boys. Best group on AT. Best song in this list."

Underrated artist:

@D e e r

"Please stop deleting your tracks :( you're awesome as f..ried cheese! Deer is in my eyes one of the most underrated artists around. Just listen to this track. Has there ever been anything like this ever? Give him a follow!"

11. Sick by @D e e r

personal best:

12. Someone Said So by @eratekk

"Last but not least a Track of my own which is the best I have got at the moment. If you mix everything mentioned above I guess It ends up in something like this. Thanks for listening, Ole out."

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